Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Send Mails using Telnet with authentication

Sending mails using telnet comes handy when you are troubleshooting mail issues. You will find lots of such small set of instructions for the same however this guide also explains how to authenticate to the server before sending a mail.

1. Open a telnet session on port 25

2. type 'ehlo YourDomain.com', and hit enter.

3. Type 'auth login', and hit enter. You will see output something like this.


4. Now enter your full email address and then your password encoded in BASE64. To convert your full email address and your password to BASE64, you can use this handy BASE64 encoding tool.

5. If your username (the full email address) and password were entered correctly, the mail server would respond with “Authentication successful”.


6. You have just authenticated yourself with the mail server and now can start entering the email details.

7. Type 'mail from: YourUserName@YourDomain.com', and hit enter.

8. Type 'rcpt to: Destinationemail@DestinationDomain.com' and hit enter.

9. Type 'DATA', hit enter

10. Type 'Subject: Your Subject Here', hit enter.

11. Hit enter once again to send a blank line to seperate header from the message body.

12. Type your mail.

13. Type '.' (A single dot in a line to indicate end of your mail and submit it for delivery).


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