Thursday, December 31, 2009

Remove all DL membership from a user

As part of account termination process, it is often required that the user should be removed from all DLs. This is generally a manual process because of the way AD stores Group Membership information. However you can use Quest Management Shell and achieve the task in one line.

Import-Csv c:\My_UserNames.csv | foreach {(Get-QADUser $_.DisplayName).memberof | Get-QADGroup | Remove-QADGroupMember -Member $_.DisplayName}

The above line will read all names from a CSV. It will then find the DLs that the user is a member-of and call Remove-QADGroupMember to remove the member from the specified DLs. This command will run on all the DLs that a user is a member-of. 'foreach' will cause the entire command to run for all the users listed in the csv file.

We need to pipe it to Get-QADGroup because .memberOf spits the DN of the DLs and Remove-QADGroupMember will not take the DN as the identity for the DL.

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Tags: Active Directory, PowerShell, Exchange Server
Published Date: 20091231